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Concrete pump inspection and maintenance

SAFETY is our top priority.

CPMA has always been an advocate for the concrete pumping industry by focusing on the creation of both safety standards specifically written for concrete pumping and the standardization of safety-related features on the equipment being built and sold.

CPMA Safety Standard
in circulation since 1999.
Independent audits at least
once every three years.
CPMA membership =
certification compliance.
Equipment meets or exceeds the
ASME B30.27 Safety Standard.

Concrete pump safety standards

Our safety STANDARDS

Since the inception of the CPMA in 1999, it has been our goal to formalize the guidelines for the design, manufacturing, testing, safe use, inspection, and maintenance of concrete pumps for the North American market. In later years, our three-chapter CPMA Safety Standard became the basis for what is today the American National Standard (ASME B30.27) and the Canadian Standard (CSAZ151) for safety and was reviewed for inclusion in a possible worldwide standard (ISO TC195).

Over the years, CPMA has also been responsible for the creation and/or adoption of several safety features that can be found on today’s equipment, including:

The hopper grate safety feature for cutting power to the pumping and agitator systems if the hinged gate on the hopper is opened.  

Standardized cautionary and warning decals in a variety of different languages were created and adopted. These have since been improved and increased with the intent of supplementing the manufacturing member's own onboard instruction and operations manual.

A standardized pattern used by the remote control joysticks to control articulating boom arm movements was implemented. 

The operator supervision warning system was adopted to provide a warning signal/alarm when the operator attempts to place the machine in a driveway mode of attempts to operate the outrigger support system when the boom is not in transport mode.  

Concrete pump certification


CPMA is dedicated to supplying equipment and accessories to the concrete pumping industry that meet or exceed the requirements contained in the ASME B30.27 Safety Standard. In order to be a member company of the CPMA, the company must be committed to having the products they manufacture subject to the successful completion of an independent audit at least once every three years. This independent audit will review all pertinent sections of the current AMSE B30.27 Safety Standard and determine if the randomly selected representative samples from the manufacturer meet or exceed the necessary criteria. if there are discrepancies in the audit report, the CPMA member must correct these items within a specified timeframe and on all related equipment being sold in North America.

Once a member has proven that their family of equipment models and accessories can successfully pass an audit, they will be allowed to display both the CPMA member decal and the CPMA certification decal.  These decals show that the equipment being sold has been produced with the proper safety regulations in mind and that it is intended for continuous safe operation when used as directed. 

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Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association membership

What’s included in our MEMBERSHIP?

Each of our member companies have agreed to comply with the Safety Standard in harmony with ASME B30.27 and to submit to an audit by a third party at least once every three years. Its is highly recommended that members purchase a copy of the ASME B30.27 safety standard. Companies that successfully complete our membership requirements will receive a package containing a wide range of pertinent  information. 

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